Education and Learning


Young children learn and develop quickly, and play is fundamental in this. Play helps to build self-worth and gives them a sense of their own abilities, which supports good self-esteem and well-being.


At Little Drummers we believe learning should be fun, it needs to be about what children enjoy doing. They might find unusual ways of doing things – for a child, building blocks are not just for making towers, and paint can be used without a brush! We show them how things work, but if they want to experiment, we let them!


We aim to provide the children with a secure environment to allow them to find out why, when, what, and how something works. We believe if we enable them to ask questions, explore and experiment the possibilities are endless.


Little Drummers uses the governments Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to plan an environment which is rich in opportunities.


Early Years Foundation Stage

The EYFS curriculum starts at birth and continues until the end of reception year at school.


The EYFS is split up in to 7 areas of Learning, 3 Prime areas and 4 Specific areas.                                            


Each area is sub-divided into aspects.


Prime Areas:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

  • Making Relationships (MR) 

  • Self Confidence and Self-Awareness (SC+SA)

  • Managing Feelings and Behaviour (MF+B)


Physical Development (PD)

  • Moving and Handling (M+H)

  • Health and Self –Care (H+SC)


Communication and Language (C+L)

  • Listening and Attention (L+A)  

  • Understanding (U)

  • Speaking (S)


Specific Areas:


Literacy (L)

  • Reading (R)

  • Writing (W)


Maths (M)

  • Numbers (N)

  • Space, Shape and Measure (SS+M)


Understanding the World (UTW)

  • People and Communities (P+C)

  • The World (TW)

  • Technology (T)


Expressive Arts and Design (EA+D)

  • Exploring and using Media and Materials (EM+M)

  • Being Imaginative (BI)



Each of the strands are divided into age ranges:

Birth – 11m / 8-20m / 16-26m /22-36m / 30-50m / 40-60 + m


Alongside the EYFS each child has a learning journey which will show their journey at Little Drummers. Using information gained through observations we are able to plan varied activities that meet the needs of all children who attend.




To view our Ofsted Report please click on this link



Learning Journeys


Your child’s learning journey is recorded through an electronic system called 'Tapestry' this is used to document your child's progress during their time at Little Drummers; there are many observations for you to read and pictures for you to look at. It’s important to remember this is a working document so information is being added all the time. All of the learning journeys are different as it tracks your child’s progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage. This helps to tailor activities to best meet the needs of each individual child and to help them move forward in a fun and interesting way through play.


All registered parents will have instant access to 'Tapestry' where you will be able to enjoy and review your child's learning with us at any time.